The year was 1900 in Naples, Italy and teenaged Pasquale Nardi was working in the family bakery when he received a letter from a cousin who lived in the United States. This cousin told him how happy he was and how many wonderful opportunities there were in the Hartford area. Young Pasquale decided to follow his dream and soon was on a boat to Ellis Island. Settling in the Hartford area he pursued his dream and in 1908 Nardi Bakery was founded. His small shop on Front St. was soon busy as word of mouth about his delicious breads spread throughout the neighborhood. Soon local restaurants asked for deliveries of his products and the name Nardi Bakery became synonymous with bread.

Today, Pasquale’s son and grandson continue the tradition. The bakery in South Windsor now delivers bread and rolls throughout the state to local pizza shops ,restaurants and caterers. They also have a small retail store at their Glendale Rd. address to service the public who are looking for quality bread products that, as our customers tell us taste better than the mass produced fare that most people are familiar with. Whether you want Italian bread, French rolls, grinder rolls or an artisan bread we hope you’ll give us a try. We also make our famous Front St. sheet pizza. Each pizza is handmade in the same manner as when the first ones were baked on Front St. over 50 years ago. The unique sauce and superior cheese blend gives our sheet pizza not only a mouthwatering taste but a fiercely loyal following from almost anyone who tastes it. So if you're looking for our famous Nardi’s Front St. Sheet Pizza or some bread or rolls for any occasion, give us a call or click on the link for directions.

As our owner likes to say (it's also written on the side of our delivery trucks)

"Since 1908….enough said"







Nardi Bakery